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Reiki for Healthcare Professionals

Reiki is now moving into the more conventional settings of our healthcare system. Training is being offered in hospitals, at universities, and in the local community. Healthcare workers are starting to use reiki to complement the daily care and treatments that they provide to patients.

In my own experience, I found reiki to beneficial for my patients as well. I utilized reiki to help patients relax and reduce anxiety during stressful events. And I had patients report that it reduced their pain in situations where pain medication was not producing the desired effect quickly enough.

Touch has been and is a way that many health care professionals help patients find comfort during stressful medical situations. Reiki enhances what many health care professionals already do while providing care. Instead of just providing a reassuring touch to a patient, you will also help patients connect to healing energy that gives comfort beyond what your own energy can do. And as the higher energy moves through you, you are deeply blessed and recharged by it as well. This reducesyour own stress and improves your own energy while at work.

Once you are attuned to reiki, you will always have it available to you. You may choose to use it whenever you desire and wherever you go. The technique is not isolated to formal sessions; it may be used during patient assessments, treatments, therapies, or any time you spend with a patient. It is a wonderful gift for not only yourself, but one that you can share with your patients and clients as well.