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Shamanic Journey Workshop

"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens." -- Carl Jung

Do you have dreams and visions for your future, but at times do you feel stuck in life or afraid to move forward? Have you experienced grief and loss that may still leave you feeling hopeless or alone? Are there traumas from your past or your family's past that still affect you today? These are signs of “soul loss” where we feel fragmented instead of secure, loved, whole and complete.

This two-day workshop will empower you on your own healing path by teaching you a technique called "journeying", used by shamans of old for soul retrieval and destiny tracking. With this process, deep healing can occur within days to weeks as opposed to months and years when using only the traditional Western medicine approach to health. This powerful journey process allows you to discover the chambers of your soul and the wounds of your past that inform your current reality. In these chambers, you are able to retrieve the grace and trust to make you whole again and connect with your soul’s purpose. For it is "within" that we find true healing and are then able to transform our outer reality.

The journey techniques in this class are adapted from Calleen's shamanic training based on teachings by Dr. Alberto Villoldo, various shamanic teachers, and personal experience. This workshop has expanded in time and material.

Class material will include:
  • Shamanic rituals and the gifting of energetic rites of initiation to start the healing process and awaken your inner seer
  • Basic instruction of the energy body and chakras will be covered, and guided meditations will also be done to clear your chakras and energy body.
  • After establishing this foundation, you will be guided and supported within safe Sacred Space to journey into the world of spirit
  • Finally, learn how to integrate this process and the language of the soul into your daily life

This wonderful tool will always be available to use in your daily life to help bring understanding and healing to any situation where you feel stress or suffering.

Fee/Energy Exchange for full 2-day workshop:  $250, includes written manual and tea/snacks.  Minimum class size is 3; maximum is 10.  A $50 deposit in advance to register and reserve your spot.

See Calendar for upcoming class dates and times and to register online.  This class is held about once per year during the summer.