Calleen Bohl 2019 - Loving Light Healing

About Calleen


Calleen is an Energy Healing Facilitator/Teacher in numerous modalities.  The healing arts have been her lifelong passion.  She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from Marquette University and worked in the hospital setting for over 20 years.  With this background, Calleen has a keen understanding of physical health which must also take into account a critical balance between the mind, body, and spirit to maintain optimal well-being.


Calleen offers energy healing classes and sessions that integrate shamanism, New Paradigm MDT, meditation, sound healing, craniosacral, channeling, and crystal healing to assist relaxation, reduce stress, and bring spiritual balance to recipients. For those who like to participate in their own healing or help others, Calleen offers New Paradigm MDT training classes, which is an energy healing technique similar to Reiki, but more expansive in its energy. Energy Healing Training classes are open to everyone including those in healthcare professions who would like to learn how to integrate energy healing into their healthcare practices. Her experience includes teaching Reiki classes for 12 years as well as assisted instruction at UWM.


As a child, Calleen remembers feeling God’s love surround her in nature.  This love drew her to shamanism. Calleen provides Shamanic and Energy Healing sessions, sound healing, guided meditation, Shamanic Drum CirclesFire Ceremonies, and work with the elemental and nature spirits.  Calleen is a mesa carrier of the Inka tradition and has studied with numerous teachers including Jose Luis Herrera, Amy Wilinski, Peter Calhoun (author of “Soul on Fire”), and Marko Pognacnik (author of numerous nature spirit books).


Energy healing has been wonderful blessings in Calleen’s life. As a wife and a mother of three daughters, this continuing journey has been tremendously transformative to Calleen’s family. Her travels have opened her heart and brought forth much joy that she wishes to share with others!



Education and Certifications:
  • Bachelors of Science in Nursing, BSN (1992): Marquette University – Milwaukee, WI
  • Wisconsin State Nursing License (RN)
  • Shamanism – 1 yr. online apprenticeship & 5-day Workshop (2007-2008):  Peter Calhoun, Author “Soul on Fire”
  • Reiki 1, 2, & Master Teacher Training/Apprenticeship (2008); Munay-Ki Rites Training (2009); Earth Medicine Shamanic Training/1 yr. apprenticeship (2009-2010):  Amy Wilinski, Golden Light Healing
  • Journey to Peru (2009); Tracking & Divination Workshop (2010); Rites & Rituals Workshop (2011); Shaman’s Mesa Workshop (2012); Ancestral Healing Workshop (2021):  Jose Luis Herrera, Rainbow Jaguar Institute
  • Healing with Crystals I & II (2009-2010):  Sue Strelow, Energy Healing For All
  • CranioSacral Basics Training (2011):  Rajesh Alwa, Holistic Health-Care Consulting
  • Sacred Childbirth with Reiki (2012):  Rev. Cori Nielsen
  • Sacred Relationship and the Elemental World (2013):  Marko Pogacnik, Earth Healing
  • Soul Ignition Workshop (2016):  Lee Harris
  • Celtic Shamanism Workshop (2018):  Jeanne Troge, Mists of the Celtic Heart
  • Sound Vibrational Reiki Healing Online Course (2019):  Patricia Keane, Essential Seeds of Change
  • Solfeggio Tuning Fork Online Course (2020):  Tony Nec
  • New Paradigm MDT: 13Dimensional, and Basic Master Teacher Courses (2020):  Ali Ali Healing