Perceptual Shifts

2021-05-01 Mesa

I’ve decided to put myself OUT THERE!  First blog post and first time publicly posting a channeling.  As always, take what resonates and leave the rest…


Part of New Paradigm MDT training is opening our channeling abilities.  I’ve been channeling for myself for many years when working with the shamanic energies in my mesa. Just to give a background for the channel below, I work with a new stone in my mesa every 2 weeks with the full moon and the new moon.  The stone/kuya that I’m working with until the new moon is related to the throat chakra and also the energy of “chekak” or “Truth; the nature of reality.”  My teacher from Peru (Jose Luis Herrara) describes chekak as…”being able to discriminate between relative and absolute truth.  What is negotiable and what is not?  Love and the land are absolute. Love is here to fulfill itself – it needs nothing else.  Chekak is your ability to engage in massive shifts of reality. The way you understand the Universe is based on your perception.  It is never absolute; it is relative!  Impermanence.  We are flesh and Spirit and having an experience.  What is the tool that allows you to source from your true nature?”


Each of my kuyas have spirit guides associated with them.  This kuya has 2 guides – Wamani & Muki.  In the Q’ero/Inca tradition, Wamani is the keeper of the Upper World/Mountains, and Muki is keeper of the Lower World/Mother Earth.  I always ask the guides for wisdom to integrate in the upcoming 2 weeks.  Below is what Wamani & Muki said.


“The “Light” & the “Dark” are the same.  They are two different aspects of the same energy viewed from two different perspectives.  One view is from love and the other is from fear and separation.  Both the light and dark serve a purpose in your awakening at this stage.  From higher dimensions, you no longer see a “fight”, but instead a “balance”.  The closer you are to remembering your true nature as Source Itself, you will see the two as one.  The “Light” reflects and calls you to remember that you are Love.  The “Dark” calls you to heal your fear and separation through Love.”


Sending love to you all during this time of great awakening! 😊