Healing vs. Curing


In our society, we often use and interchange the words healing and curing as having the same meaning. However, they are very different. To “heal” means to make whole or sound. Healing is a process of becoming whole within and integrating the mind, body, and spirit. A “cure” is a method of treatment or a remedy to alleviate symptoms of pain and disease.


It is often the pain in our lives, that we are no longer willing to live with, that begins a search for relief and peace. Many people start by looking for a “cure” to alleviate the symptoms of our physical, emotional/mental, or spiritual pain. Our medical model is very good at curing or treating the symptoms, but the underlying disease is still present.


Curing can be positive, as it brings comfort during the healing process and can also provide more time for healing to occur. However, curing can also be disempowering, as it labels the effects of disease and looks for blame, thereby promoting a victim mentality. Curing focuses on alleviating effects and not on finding the true cause of disease. When we stop the process at curing by only treating the symptoms, we shortchange our growth and avoid the opportunity to bring our lives into balance.


It is believed that pain and disease are feedback from within, giving us the opportunity to learn more and to better understand ourselves. The healing process empowers us to grow, change, and create meaning in our lives. It is through unconditional love that healing is allowed to truly flow and will always bring us to a place of higher understanding.


Each person has their own unique healing path. We each have our own physical, mental, or spiritual challenges that we are trying to understand. Healing helps us to look within and see what is out of balance, empowering us to make necessary changes in our thinking, actions, and environment. Healing frees us to let go of what no longer serves the highest good. Healing helps us to gain wisdom and understanding to sustain our continuing cycle of growth. And healing brings vision and inspiration opening us to new and higher levels in our journey.


Many people find that as they progress in their healing journey, the pain and frustration in their life lessens. At the very least, how they perceive their pain usually changes, bringing with it a sense of peace. As we grow in understanding, we are empowered to make changes and create meaning in our lives. This process frees us to let go of struggle that we have held onto deep within ourselves.


At Loving Light Healing, it is my intent to promote healing, love, and understanding on all levels for the highest good and greatest joy of all concerned. The essence of true health is inner harmony. With it comes a sense of peace and well-being regardless of our outer circumstances. As we integrate and bring into harmony all that we are, we can truly shine and fully express our unique part in the whole of creation.