Differences Between New Paradigm MDT & Reiki


Reiki was a beautiful stepping stone and part of my evolution for 12 years of offering classes and sessions.  I will always be grateful for the healing it provided to me and to all those in my life that opened their hearts to it.  However, I have found New Paradigm MDT to be much more expansive and empowering.


According to channeling by John Armitage, “Master Germain says that this modality is not Reiki, and Reiki is not this modality. He has instructed that our teachers and practitioners not use the term “Reiki” at all. We have moved beyond the use of symbols, as well, so we no longer use or teach them. WE are the energy, not a 2-dimensional representation that is separate from us [which is what a symbol is].”


“Reiki was put together by the Japanese Buddhist monk, Dr. Usui, from ancient symbols he found in Sanskrit texts, rounded out by some Buddhist symbols. 3-4 of his original symbols are what have come down to us from Germain’s original 22-symbol Atlantean system. Reiki was what people were ready for in the beginning of the 20th century, and it remains a wonderful loving healing energy. We are ready for so much more now! It is good to grow and be ready to expand with the energies and with the times. New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation is what Reiki was ready to grow into, and then beyond that. Its energies grow and expand along with the Earth, their vibrations rise along with hers. The non-Atlantean symbols of Reiki do not grow, but remain in their old vibration, which back then was highly advanced but nowadays has been surpassed. We are ready to move on, with gratitude. This is not to say that Reiki energies no longer work, or to cast any aspersions on the Reiki system, which is very beautiful. Also, many Reiki practitioners have been channeling new symbols and ways of teaching. But Reiki is not the New Paradigm MDT, and the New Paradigm MDT is not Reiki.”


For more info by John Armitage, please visit his site at:  https://www.new-paradigm-mdt.org