Due to some changes in my personal life that require an adjustment to work life, I’m no longer scheduling classes or private healing sessions.  I will continue the free online group events.  In addition, I’m feeling guided towards doing recordings of guided meditations and sound healing infused with energy healing.  Once I have more concrete progress, I will announce the new offerings in my newsletter and website.


If you are looking for sessions, I highly recommend my friend Charmain Singletary.  Charmaine is a physical therapist and shamanic practitioner that trained with my teachers.  She is a skilled practitioner!  If you do contact her, please let her know that I referred you.  http://www.ayniservicesllc.com


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Energy Healing Sessions


At my home office, you will enjoy the ambiance of a peaceful environment with relaxing music and the sound of a gentle water fountain. Energy healing sessions are offered either at my office, travel to your location, or distantly via phone or online with Zoom (as energy knows no time or space).


See detailed descriptions below for 60 minute, 90 minute, or 2-hour Shamanic Healing sessions.


To schedule as sessionmessage Calleen on the Contact Page.




Advanced Energy Healing Sessions

60 minute – $75

90 minute – $105



A full body energy healing session integrates multiple modalities including New Paradigm MDT (similar to reiki), tuning fork sound healing, guided meditation, chakra balancing, crystal healing, Craniosacral therapy, and shamanic techniques.


Sessions begin with a discussion about what you are seeking from the treatment.  Clients are fully clothed and reclined on a massage table.  If you find the reclined position uncomfortable, sessions can be given while you are sitting upright in a chair.


The practitioner gently places their hands on or slightly above your body and channels the healing energy.  Through your body’s own innate wisdom, you have full control over how you accept and use this energy.  Energy healing helps remove blocks and balances your chakras, bringing your body into a state of homeostasis and supporting healing on all levels. At the end of the session, we discuss the experience and ways to integrate the healing into your daily life.  At all times, your right to confidentiality is fully respected.


Energy healing is not limited to time or space, so it can also be sent to a person or a pet animal; this is called distant healing. The client does not need to be in the physical presence of the practitioner.



Shamanic Healing Sessions

2 hours – $140


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A shamanic session begins with a discussion about what you are seeking from the treatment. Clients are fully clothed and reclined on a massage table for most of the session. With shamanic sessions, the client is more of an active participant in the session working to release their deeply held tension.  Multiple modalities are utilized to facilitate this process, including sound healing, crystal healing, and breathing techniques.


Once the client feels they have released their tension and are in a relaxed state, the practitioner then does a guided journey with the client to uncover and heal deep subconscious wounds and contracts that inform the client’s waking reality. During the shamanic journey, Spirit gives the client gifts and a power animal (power retrieval) to assist in healing these energetic wounds and imprints. This helps a person to reconnect to their own innate gifts and natural instincts which assist in building a new life map.  You will also connect deeply with the essence of your soul (called soul retrieval) to help you feel more whole and complete. At the end of a session, we discuss the experience and ways to integrate the healing into your daily life.


After clients have become familiar with the journey technique, the practitioner can guide the client to build Bridges of Light.  This is a tool that can bring deep healing to troubled relationships past and present.  Deep work can be done here to retrieve your destiny and dream your world into being.


Shamanic sessions may also be done distantly (remote healing). The client does not need to be in the physical presence of the practitioner. The session is conducted as if we were together in person and the client in a quiet, comfortable setting with phone or Zoom video access.


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