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Shamanic Energy Healing

Shamanism is the oldest method of healing known and has been practiced globally for thousands of years. Shamanic energy healing is done at the level of energy/spirit in the luminous energy field (LEF) which surrounds the physical body and informs the body, mind, and soul. The techniques below are based on teachings from the medicine people of Peru. These are powerful tools that can be utilized during shamanic healing sessions to assist in healing old wounds and patterns and can help a person transform and move forward in life.



Illumination:  is a healing technique developed by Dr. Alberto Villoldo that tracks for and heals imprints in the LEF that predispose us to physical and emotional disease. We clear these imprints from our energy field so they don’t keep informing and unconsciously guiding us through our lives into repeating our emotional and physical ailments.


Extraction & Cleansing:  Heavy energies (like envy, jealousy, or rage) that we are exposed to, can settle in and become toxic to our LEF often making us feel weighted down and fatigued. These energies are removed to clear the energy body. We can also cut energetic ties to others that bind and drain our energy so that we may become our true authentic self.


Soul Retrieval:  is used by shamans to journey into the past to revisit traumatic events that were the cause of soul loss (ex: that feeling of being incomplete and lost) and bring back the fragmented piece of one’s soul. Discovering the original wound is not enough, we also need to renegotiate the contract we made with ourselves that kept us fragmented so we can choose a more life-affirming path.


Power Retrieval:  During the journey, Spirit often gives a symbolic gift and power animal that will help you to live more fully in the physical world. The power animal will help reconnect you to your instinctual self and bring harmony to living as an Earth being. The symbolic gift is a tool that will assist you in expressing your calling and help lead you to your destiny. We all have gifts, but we don’t always recognize them because we’ve become so comfortable in our routine lives. This will help you to see the hidden gifts within you.


Bridge of Light:  This is a beautiful tool shared by author LaUna Huffines.  A Bridge of Light can be constructed during the journey process to bring the energy of a higher soul quality into your life.  This bridge encourages loving understanding between people, even if they have different beliefs and goals.  Deep healing can occur in relationships by simply working at the soul level instead of trying to force outcomes in the physical world.  A Bridge of Light can be used in every area of your life: new jobs, home, trips, projects.  Bringing the stability of this Light into your life creates inner strength and clear focus toward your most powerful life purpose.


Decoupling “Fight or Flight”:  The “fight or flight” response is a state of heightened stress and drains us of energy. This technique helps the body relax and restore balance.


Ceremony, Rites & Rituals:  Our lives are filled with many transitions (some of loss, others of celebration). Ceremony and rites are done to honor and assist us in the circle of life bringing healing and clarity in our journey. Healing rites and rituals include: traditional fire/despacho ceremonies, end-of-life transition rites, Munay-Ki rites, and despacho making for individual personal healing.


Home Blessing/Clearing:  The spaces in which we live also carry energy. During times of stress or trauma, the energy of our environment may become imprinted with heavy energy. Home/land blessings will cleanse, purify, and provide healing to heavy energy that may have become trapped in our living spaces. Home blessings are beneficial during times of transition such as moving into a new home,or after a time of loss (such as death or divorce), renewing the energy of the dwelling and those living there.


Shamans of Peru